St Thomas' Stockton Heath & St Mary Magdalene


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'PCC' stands for 'Parochial Church Council'.  Our members, through God's help, work together to lead the people of God in our parish.  They represent the whole congregation.  Our current membership is:

Rev. Michael Ridley, Dorothy Carter, Jenny Corroboy, Olu Oolujugba, Lynda Heesom, Peter Banyard, Warren Whalley, David Whalley, Kirsty Gill, Richard Emery, Sue Burke, Peter Speed, Sheila Barton, Melanie Girdharry, Peter Chapman, Lynn Tidd, Sue Burrell.

In 2015 The Parochial Church Council met in January, March, May, July, September and November. Standing Committee Meetings usually take place two weeks before, when agendas are set and a wide variety of matters are discussed.

PCC members (who are also Trustees) are recruited from and voted for by members of the congregation who are on the church electoral roll.

The PCC adheres to its aims and principles concerning outreach and mission, whilst managing the finances and the running of the two Churches as one.

Action Groups hold their own meetings and report back to PCC meetings for further discussion and approval of plans.

Issues addressed include worship, fundraising, social activities, groups, ecumenical services, and all possible ways of improving outreach and mission.

The PCC works exceptionally hard on the many aspects of church business and thanks go to all who attend regularly and cheerfully. New faces would be really welcome on the PCC and anyone who would like to be involved should speak to the Church Wardens or the secretary.

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The Parish of St. Thomas, Stockton Heath is in the Deanery of Great Budworth and is a part of the Diocese of Chester.

The Parochial Church Council (PCC) is a body corporate (PCC Powers Measure 1956, Church Representation Rules 2006)

and is a registered Charity (Charity No.1131459)